White Papers


Ebook ASIC Design (1)

Can a Custom ASIC Be a Gamechanger for Your Next Product?


Application specific integrated circuits outperform discrete and FPGA solutions by almost every measure - and they are getting more accessible.




Ebook Secure Provisionning (1)

Secure Provisionning - A 'Must Have' for IoT Security


This whitepaper discusses how using an outsourced operations company to manage the production process, including secure provisioning, can reduce the time, cost and risk associated with bringing a new IoT product to market.



Ebook Outsourced Operations (1)

Outsourced Operations: Reduce Risk, Accelerate Ramp, Manage Complexity


Outsourced operations is an economically attractive approach that can reduce risk, improve speed of implementation and mitigate against the potential costs of failure.






Ebook high volume test (1)

Enabling High Volume Test for Millimeter Wave RF Devices


The market for millimeter wave (MMW) devices seems poised on the verge of explosive growth. One of the issues that must be addressed, as volumes move from millions of units per year to hundreds of millions or even billions, is whether testing can be performed at sufficiently high volume and low cost to enable growth in consumer applications.