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Presto Engineering Test Services seamlessly

bring your Device from Datasheet to Production

Presto Engineering owns a strong experience in qualifying and producing semiconductors, rooted in long semiconductors history. Thanks to our 160 talented experts and supported by our 50M€ of installed equipment state-of the art Test floors, our services cover all aspects of test, from test plan generation; to hardware and software development; to validation, correlation, ramp and production. Our experts have deep experience in digital, memory, mixed-signal, Image sensors, MEMs and RF. We also specialize in secured applications that require personalization/root of trust during backend production.

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A Proven Test Development Flow

Based on years of development practice, our standard test flows give our customers the ability to start at any level - we can develop test plans from datasheets or optimize flows from existing plans.


Our internal groups design loadboards and probecards up to very high-performance digital, analog and RF requirements. Our test engineers are experts in balancing very fast test time with effective test coverage.


Our on-staff product engineers will accelerate validation, correlation and manufacturing release.





Our product engineering teams use industry-standard data mining tools to provide comprehensive validation and characterization reports and analysis. Our customers can also take advantage of our co-located reliability and failure analysis laboratories to complete qualification and manufacturing release in record time.

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A Unique RF Expertise

Our application coverage extends from DC to microwave and millimeter wave, up to 100GHz. We have leveraged our deep understanding of ATE and RF technology into an optimized test solution for mainstream RF applications. We have pioneered and developed unique methodologies and test fixturing and frameworks for very low cost-of-test, such as the Echo™ UWB solution, for thorough characterization and volume test for automotive radar, and transceivers integrating beamforming. We also have a proven track record in probing and testing very high speed and high bandwidth (up to E-Band) devices, in both development and production.

With more and more advanced RF applications going bare-die to module, our ability to test millimeter wave RF at wafer-level is both unique and critical for known-good-die flows.
With the ever increasing need of bandwidth and new sensors, we strived to develop and release custom production test methodologies and custom ATE set-ups to encompass the gap of standard ATE and enable LiDAR and Image Sensor testing from parametric to functional testing and wafer to final test with handling solution able to pass IATF qualification.

When general-purpose instrumentation is not cost effective or fast enough, we will develop a custom test solution, including both hardware and software. Our capabilities include customer projects as well as full-custom hardware designs.

From Engineering to Production

Our services start with developing test solutions and extend out to supporting ramp, lowering cost of test with multi-siting, and providing our customers with production capabilities, for both EWS (probers) and final test (handlers) both locally in Europe/North America or in one of our Asian floors when volume demands it. Our business model includes turn-key engagements whereby we manage the whole production flow (including foundries and assembly) up to providing known-good products.



  • All major ATE and peripheral brands
  • Analog, RF
  • Mixed-signal
  • Probers (tri-temp, up to 12”)
    Handlers (tri-temp)
  • Advanced RF
  • E-Band
  • V-Band
  • Ka/K/Ku-Band
  • FD - Frequency Domain, TD - Time Domain, BERT
  • CMOS, SiGe, GaAs, InP, GaN

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A proven Development Proprietary Process

Presto Test Development flow is supported by our SquP (Service Quality Planning) proprietary process and OCEAN integrated web-based platform, making your project more predictable and reducing risk during development and ramp phases while providing both transparency and traceability.

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