ASIC Design for Medical Applications

We have been designing and producing ASICs for more than 35 years, always ensuring that our customers get innovative and high-quality designs that stand out. This extensive experience, combined with our EN ISO 13485 certification, enables us to quickly  and safely deploy ASIC Design in many application fields for the high-demanding medical markets.


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Medical challenges answered by ASIC Design

The medical field is going through a transformation by getting closer to patient point-of-care, molecular and in vitro diagnostics, connected consumables and injectables and the overall Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). This transformation is contributing towards minimally invasive diagnostics, and better patient therapy follow-up. We will design your ASIC to enable smarter medical applications that revolutionize patient care.

Patient Monitoring
Medical wearable devices
Medical Imaging
ASIC design medical diagnostic

The greater challenge of diagnostic and rapid testing lies not only in the actual development of testing methods but also in logistics. How do patients get to testing stations? How is the workflow organized, in particular, if no medically experienced staff is available? How are test results processed, secured, and communicated to patient? The Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) market is undergoing significant transformation with ever increasing innovation largely enabled by biotechnology and semiconductor synergies.


As part of our expertise, we have developed an IVD ASIC platform solution for infectious diseases to materialize the vision of the lab-in-the-palm smartphone. Our optical front-end technology can be used for impedance spectrometry.


The Patient Monitoring segment presents its own unique set of challenges in the healthcare industry. Patient monitoring is crucial for ensuring that patients receive the care and attention they need, especially in critical care environments.


One of the key challenges is ensuring that patient monitoring is continuous and that data is accurately collected, analyzed, and communicated to healthcare providers. This involves the integration of various monitoring technologies, such as wearable devices and sensors, with secure and reliable communication networks. At the same time, the Patient Monitoring market is also undergoing significant transformation with the increasing use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.


As part of our expertise, we offer innovative solutions for continuous patient monitoring, leveraging advanced sensor technologies and intelligent analytics to provide real-time insights and decision support for healthcare providers.

ASIC design medical wearable devices

Medical technology used by healthcare professionals and Consumer Electronics used to be two different markets. They are on the verge of becoming one. Devices that were only used in actual patient care until a few years ago will be more and more part of everyday medical therapy and workflow. Such as sensors for tracking heart rate and blood pressure, sleep patterns and even blood glucose or cardiac arrhythmia. Compared to traditional Consumer Electronics, however, they need to be reliable and medically relevant and qualified.

ASIC design medical imaging

The demand in medical imaging is becoming even more pressing with the upward trend of noninvasive procedures for diagnostic. There is a challenge for healthcare organizations to deal with increased demand while managing the cost of the devices, the complexity to operate, the required but scarce expertise, the quality of patient care and data security.

Our in-depth expertise in ASIC development for Medical Applications


Our experience in ASIC development for medical applications is extensive and includes a wide range of projects that have helped our clients to achieve new levels of performance, reliability, and efficiency. We are committed to delivering solutions that meet the most stringent requirements for accuracy, speed, and low power consumption, while also ensuring regulatory compliance and ease of integration with other medical devices and systems.



Our specialization in Sensor Optics provides the ability to capture and process high-quality images and visual data.



We enable wireless communication and data transfer between devices through the protocol of your choice.


Secured patient data

Successfully managing risk and complexity can make the difference between success and failure.



We enable the creation of low-power, high-performance devices enabling battery-operated, portable/mobile devices.

Want to know all the ASIC benefits for Medical applications?

ASIC technology is opening new possibilities for healthcare 

Smart sensors and ASIC technology are the cornerstones of healthcare innovations. There is a wide range of applications for medical ASICs. 

Applications for ASICs in Healthcare

  1. Diagnostic: In Vitro Diagnostic, disposable, injection


  2. Patient monitoring: vital sign control, wearable patient monitoring, chronic disease monitoring


  3. Medical wearable devices: hearing aid, medical sensor patches

  4. Medical imaging: X-ray, ultrasound, Computerized Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), other imaging (nuclear, positron emission tomography)

Medical innovation

Our IPs for Healthcare applications


Our IP blocks are uniquely designed and validated for exclusive ASIC projects to meet extreme specificity in your medical projects. They enables healthcare companies to dramatically reduce the risk of their ASIC concept while also reducing cost and speeding up time to market.


Some examples of In-Vitro Diagnostic IPs:

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