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Successfully implementing custom semiconductor technology into your products and processes is a challenge, but this can really be a game changer to grow your business. Presto Engineering is the recognized expert in ASIC design and integrated semiconductor services. We help innovative companies imagine and implement microelectronic solutions for tomorrow, in high-value markets such as Medical, Automotive, Industrial and Communication, while reducing risk, minimizing fixed cost structure and accelerating time-to-market.

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Presto can seamlessly design your ASIC



Our 35-year experience in designing and producing ASICs will help you turning ideas into reality. With more than 100 projects completed and in volume production, we support you in all stages of development and production, from feasibility study to component delivery.

Our customers take advantage of Presto’s urCHIP comprehensive toolbox, allowing them to validate project ideas (technically and economically) and to get started quickly. They also leverage our various processes and tools (QuDF, SQuP, OCEAN) into accelerate time-to-market.

Benefiting from a comprehensive internal IP portfolio, we work with a network of highly-qualified foundry partners to design and produce the ASIC(s) fitted for your specific application requirements - and your success!

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A strong experience in qualifying and producing semiconductors, rooted with a long history


With five complete test floors along with internal reliability and failure analysis labs, Presto provides a full range of semiconductor capabilities that cover all aspects of test, qualification, and ramp through volume production. Our experts have deep expertise in digital, analog, mixed-signal, RF, and millimeter-wave applications. Presto has earned a long, successful track record of qualifying new devices, including for the highly demanding automotive market.
Built over decades of experience producing and shipping semiconductor units in volumes, Presto operates a global, flexible, and integrated supply chain system, supported by two Asian production operations and a Hong Kong-based logistics center. With this infrastructure in place, Presto can ramp products locally, safely, and securely in Europe and move manufacturing to Asia when volume warrants it. 

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Be in control from end to end with Presto Engineering

To better control and secure your project, Presto’s services are seamlessly developed using Presto’s QuDF (ASIC Quality Design Flow) and SQuP (Service Quality and Planning) processes, as well as proprietary OCEAN web-based platform. Presto’s platforms make your project more predictable, reduce risk during design, development and ramp phases while providing both transparency and traceability.
Since 2006, Presto Engineering has earned a reputation as the Trusted Partner by more than 1,000 customers who selected Presto. With 160 talented experts and 10 operations across Europe, North America and Asia, Presto has helped its customers launch smarter and safer products, improving its customers’ profitability as well as the world we live in.

10 operations across Europe, North America and Asia


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