Presto Engineering’s successful ASIC solutions are fueled by proven silicon circuit blocks and intellectual property (IP). Presto owns two sets of silicon IP known as Foundation IP, and Platform IP functional blocks. These IP blocks are uniquely designed and validated for exclusive ASIC projects to meet extreme specificity and performance trade-offs. Presto’s IP enables customers to dramatically reduce the risk of their ASIC concept while also leveraging Presto’s portfolio to reduce cost and speed up time to market.

Presto’s Foundation IP regroups key featured circuit blocks from high accuracy sensors such as temperature sensor, optical array sensors, as well as digital controllers and LVDS IOs. It can also be used with secure encryption blocks such as ultra-low power AES/3DES coupled or not with specific analog front end relying on analog to digital converter macros.

Presto’s Platform IPs enable an extreme level of customization from functionality to power optimization, regrouping application specific analog front-end such as:
- High dynamic optical front-end
- Ultra-low power motion ISP and MCU
- RFID/NFC/UHF/ISM connectivity 
- Energy management & harvesting

You can find below a selection of our Foundation and Platform IPs.
If the IP you are looking for is not on the list, please contact us to discuss the opportunity to identify the best IP Product fit for your ASIC.

Foundation IP




Digital interfaces/IO

UART, I²C, USB, HIS, LVDS low voltage signaling I/Os, Single/quad/Octal SPI

Digital Core

Microcontrolers 8/16/32 bits (MSP430x, ARM Mx, OpenCore), Custom state machines, Image Digital Signal Processing (ISP)

Complex 2X16 bits FFT engine

Memory structures



DES/triple DES / AES / SHA-1 hash cores

Synthetizable core

RFID ISO 14443/15693 multi-protocol/firmware


LCD Shutter & LCD Display / Flash Memory / ULL Always On RAM


Semicon générique IP page






Bandgap reference

ULP RC or XTAL oscillators (trimmable)

Power-on Reset

Brown out Detectors

ULP Voltage regulator

Amplifiers: LNA, opamp (rail-to-rail), sample and hold

Comparator (high speed and resolution, low power), instrumentation, transconductance, switch CAP

Charge Pumps

PLL based frequency synthesizer


DC-DC boost converter


Buck boost converter


Cap/Capless LDO


Analog Front End / Data Converters


16-bit industrial data converter

DAC (8-10 bit)

SAR ADC (8-10 bit)

Low noise small current signal conditioning blocks / filtering and noise cancelation


ADC/DAC: Sigma Delta, Integrate & Fire, SAR - ULP ADC / DAC (10 to 24bits / 1 to 64 Channels)


Sensors Front End

Hall-effect sensors

Photodiode sensors (visible and near infrared light)

Near Infrared Spectrometric sensor interface

High accuracy / Wide Range Temperature sensor

High accuracy Capacitance measure

Touch IR sensor interface

Multi-axis gyroscope sensor interface

Pressure sensor interface


Platform Blocks


Optical Analog Front-End

Laser Driver (EML/VCESL)


32x32 and/or 64x64 macro and customized pixel matrix


Photodiode line array with rolling shutter/global shutter


ULP TIA Transconductance Impedance Amplifier (uTIA)


Power Monitoring / Energy Management

Up to 16-channel 80 volt battery management/monitoring block


Multi Energy Source Harvester and Custom rectifiers (Solar, RF, Piezo, Thermocouple)


Battery monitor & remove detection



RFID 14443/15693 multiprotocol front ends: RFID NFC, RFID analog front end


RFID UHF and NFC transponder with SPI


EPC GEN2 front-end / Digital protocol handler





RF & Connectivity


Full DSRC analog front-end and baseband (915 MHz)



Direct TPMS



Fast proof of concept

Validate your ASIC project idea and get it started quickly with Presto UrChip toolboxes.
These toolboxes enable efficient proof of concept to quickly determine the feasibility of your ASIC project.

Thor toolbox

NFC wireless bridge, optionally combined with UHF

  • RFID controller
  • Wireless sensor connectivity
  • RF NFC & UHF
  • Analog & digital interface
  • Encryption

Learn more

Eye-digital-iStock 1008164022

Heimdall toolbox

Low image resolution processing with rapid interpretation

  • Custom-tailored algorithms
  • Low power
  • 64x64 pixels
  • SPI interface

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