Quality and security certifications


Presto Engineering mission is to enable customer success by providing added value services with high quality, at the right price and with minimum environmental impact.

Quality at Presto

Presto Engineering is committed to meet our customers' expectations and applicable requirements by providing quality services through a culture of continuous improvements and a partnership with our suppliers. 

In order to achieve this, we have implemented a management system that specifically emphasizes:

  • Clarity in objectives and customer requirements

  • Continuous improvement practices to maintain system effectiveness

  • Collaboration with key suppliers

  • Measurement of customers' satisfaction

  • Protection of environment and prevention of pollution

  • Management reviews



Quality & Environmental objectives


The Quality & Environmental objectives are regularly set and each member of the company focuses on:

  • Achieving customer satisfaction and, in particular, best lead-time and production quality

  • Complying with legal requirements and applicable standards, maintaining relevant certifications according to customer and business requirements

  • Continuously reviewing and developing the company resources and people skills

  • Including environment responsibility into our Business Ethics by setting requirements towards suppliers and employees.

ISO Certification

This drive for excellence is embodied in our ISO certifications:

Quality and Environment:

ISO 9001

ISO 14001



Testing and calibration laboratories:


ISO 17025 - Presto Engineering France test qualification laboratory - accreditation number (1-7342) - scope available on www.cofrac.fr

ex logo cofrac 1-7342

Information security:


ISO 27001


iso 27001 logo

Certificate Number: IS 794173


Common Criteria EAL6 certificate: Meyreuil Provence Hub

logo ISO security

Certificate Number : ANSSI-CC-SITE-2023/09


Our Silicon Valley Hub is ITAR Registered



Information Protection


One of the company’s prime focuses is to provide our customers with an operational and business environment that addresses the strictest confidentiality requirements.

Security Managment System semiconductor

Policy and Information Security Management System

Our policy and Information Security Management System ensure that confidentiality and integrity are to the core of the company's objectives and operations. Specifically:

  • A written policy, included in our employee handbook.

  • All personnel under confidentiality agreement upon employment.

  • Regular training held to highlight Presto’s confidentiality requirements and to raise awareness of cyber security threats.

  • All assets deemed confidential to be clearly identified and marked.

  • The information system has been designed to protect systems and computers containing customer’s confidential information against internal malicious acts and external attacks (cyber risk)

It is well understood by everyone at Presto Engineering that in our ultra-competitive markets, confidentiality is more than a requirement — it is part of the un-compromised basics of doing business.

Information Security Policy

Information is a valuable asset for the company and its partners. The policy’s goal is to protect informational assets from disclosure that would violate the company's commitments to others and to maintain its integrity and availability, against all deliberate or accidental threats. 
Presto Engineering is committed to complying with the ISO 27001 standard for all its activities, Common Criteria Standards for Meyreuil site processing secure products. 
The information security objectives are regularly set and focus on: 

  • Achieving customer trust and satisfaction on the protection of their assets

  • Complying with legal requirements and applicable standards, maintaining relevant certifications according to customer and business requirements

  • Continuously reviewing and developing the company's resources and people's awareness on information security

  • Continuously improving the information security management system 

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