ASIC Design for Automotive Applications

We have been designing and producing ASICs for more than 35 years, always ensuring that our customers get innovative and high-quality designs that stand out. This extensive experience enables us to quickly deploy ASIC Design in many application fields for the high-demanding automotive markets.


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Automotive challenges answered by ASIC Design

Microelectronics are shaping the future of mobility. From hybrid and electric powertrain to autonomous driving, more and more electronic systems are being introduced into cars. And ASICs are at the heart of many of them. At Presto Engineering, we design intelligent sensor interface ASICs offering high quality and high-performance solutions for the automotive and transportation market. Our design capabilities include seamless sensor integration, mixed-signal, ultra-low power, and wireless technology.

Intelligent Transport System (ITS)
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Hybrid, electric, and powertrain electronics
ASIC building & infrastructure

The Intelligent Transport System (ITS) industry faces several significant challenges that require innovative solutions to overcome. One of the most pressing issues is the need to manage and optimize transportation infrastructure effectively. This includes finding ways to reduce congestion, improve safety, and enhance accessibility while minimizing environmental impact. Another key challenge for ITS is developing reliable and efficient communication and data-sharing systems.


ASIC design can help overcome the challenges facing the ITS industry by providing efficient and reliable control and monitoring systems, enabling fast and efficient communication and data-sharing systems, and enabling the development of highly specialized and user-friendly systems.


As part of our expertise, we have developed ASICs for DSRC and UNI compliant toll road payment and identification devices. This makes toll collection simpler and more efficient.


You can also rely on our ASIC Platform NFC / Multiprotocol - Data logger IC for your ITS projects.

Advanced driver assistance systems

Automated driving is the next revolution of the automotive industry. The interest is twofold: from a consumer point of view, the safety aspect brought by ADAS functionalities such as blind spot warnings, pedestrian detection, traffic sign recognition, collision avoidance, and adaptive cruise control brings comfort while driving. It will also enable a safer traffic journey on the road for everyone, reducing risk of injury and preventing or limiting critical accidents. ASIC designs are key in getting the car closer to a robot on wheel, communicating with road infrastructure.


Presto can help you design an ASIC that can be a game-changer for your ADAS projects.

ASIC electric car

Increasingly restrictive environmental regulations are driving the adoption of electric mobility faster than ever. Alternative forms of power to combustion powertrain are essential to meet these regulations. Electric and hybrid engines are the answer to this imminent need and ASICs are key to enabling them for a more environmentally respectful mobility. Indeed, the electrification of vehicles requires new magnetic, pressure, and gas sensors that will guarantee the safety and performance of automobiles by measuring indicators such as battery health, optimal tire condition, humidity control, thermal and energy management, and emission of gas and particle measurement.


Presto can help you design an ASIC that can be a game-changer for your electrification projects.

Our in-depth expertise in ASIC development for Automotive Applications

Our experience in ASIC development for automotive applications is extensive and includes a wide range of projects that have helped our clients to achieve new levels of performance, reliability, and efficiency. We are committed to delivering solutions that meet the most stringent requirements for accuracy, speed, and low power consumption, while also ensuring regulatory compliance and ease of integration with other industrial devices and systems.


Sensors Optics

Our specialization in Sensor Optics provide the ability to capture and process high-quality images and visual data.


Radio Frequency

We enable wireless communication and data transfer between devices through the protocol of your choice.



Successfully managing risk and complexity can make the difference between success and failure.


Low Power

We enable the creation of low-power, high-performance devices that meet the demands of today's mobile and connected world.

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ASIC technology is opening new possibilities for ITS and Automotive

Presto Engineering’s intelligent sensor interface ASICs offer high-quality and high-performance solutions for the automotive and transport market. Our design capabilities include seamless sensor integration, mixed-signal, ultra-low power, and wireless technology.

Applications for ASICs in Automotive

  1. ADAS: LiDAR, radar, tire pressure monitoring

  2. Intelligent Traffic System (ITS): toll road, V2X, DSRC

  3. HE vehicle, battery management, powertrain
Automotive ASIC applications
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