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Designing an ASIC can be a game-changer for your business, and we at Presto can help you design and produce the right ASIC solution for your next product.

As a vertically integrated company, we provide complete control throughout the development phase and seamless access to the supply chain. Since project feasibility validation is essential, we offer toolboxes for easy functionality testing to accelerate the start of your project. Our ASIC Design projects also follow a proprietary and proven process: Presto’s Quality Development Flow (QuDF), where agile project management and an active approach to risk handling are the cornerstones for delivering high-quality solutions on schedule. Beyond design, we bring ASICs to production through our SQuP industrialization process and Presto’s OCEAN proprietary platform.


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We have been designing ASICs for more than 35 years, always ensuring that our customers get innovative and high-quality designs that stand out. This extensive experience enables us to quickly deploy ASIC Design solutions in Machine Vision as well as in many application fields for the high-demanding Industrial, Medical and Automotive Markets, as listed below.


We help companies design intelligent sensor ASICs in a broad range of industrial applications including the Industrial internet of things (IIoT), facilitating smart tracking and data logging, automation, and preventive maintenance in transport and cold-chain logistics, production machinery, surveillance, and smart buildings.

Building and Infrastructure Automation shutterstock_1894154212 (1)


Building and infrastructure automation


Intelligent transport systems
Smart power grid (energy harvesting,
utilities monitoring and metering)
Occupancy and people counting
Smart lighting and HVAC control,
Pollution and environmental sensing

Production Infrastrcuture shutterstock_1924802705 400x200


Production infrastructure


Factory automation and control,

Remote predictive maintenance,

Smart agriculture,

Factory safety (e.g. welding mask)

Utilities control

Security & safety shutterstock_450354724 (1)


Security, surveillance and safety


Access control and identification

Safety (alarms, gas detection,
fire and temperature control)

Video surveillance

Logistics & Transport shutterstock_769253206 (1)


Logistics and transport


Asset tracking (smart tags) and localization
Transport: rail, maritime and airborn conveyance
Retail inventory and payment management


We design your ASIC to enable smarter medical applications that revolutionize diagnostics and proactive medicine as well as the booming connected solutions of Medical Internet of Thing (MedIoT). Our solutions improve the efficiency of patient care by digitizing and accelerating data collection, speeding up and centralizing data analysis, and enabling faster diagnostics and decision making.

Diagnotic monitoring shutterstock_1485212855 (1)

Diagnostic and patient monitoring

IN VITRO / Point of care molecular diagnostics through fluorescence diagnostic

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Medical wearable devices

Hearing aids
Medical sensor patches
Wearable patient monitoring
Vital sign control
Chronic diseases monitoring

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (1)

Medical imaging

Computerized Tomography (CT)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Other imaging (nuclear, positron emission tomography)

Automotive and transport

Presto Engineering’s intelligent sensor interface ASICs offer high quality and high-performance solutions for the automotive and transport market. Our design capabilities include seamless sensor integration, mixed-signal, ultra-low power, and wireless technology.


Automotive ADAS shutterstock_1662873121 (1)


Hybrid, electric and powertrain electronics
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
In vehicle infotainment and cluster
Passive safety & functional reliability

Presto Engineering has expertise in various types of sensors to provide the best application fit for your ASIC.

  1. Motion/Inertial Sensor
  2. Microphones
  3. Ultrasonic Sensor
  4. Barometric Sensor
  5. Piezo Pressure Sensor
  6. Gas/humidity Sensor
  7. Temperature Sensor
  8. Magnetic Sensor
  9. Optical CMOS Image Sensor
  10. Time of Flight Sensor
  11. NIR Spectroscopic Sensor
  12. Lidar Sensor
  13. Radar Sensor
Opitcal Sensor shutterstock_1291716007

Your Trusted Partner for designing and producing your ASIC

Designing an ASIC can be a game changer for your business. Presto Engineering supports you all the way from design to volume production. Check out how we make your idea come to life in this video.

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Based on the very long and good experience we have with working together, Presto Engineering will be a natural first choice for NORBIT for any custom ASIC design needs in the future

Per Jørgen Weisethaunet, Group CEO at NORBIT