Package Design


As we facilitate your design activity with foundries, we can also select, design, qualify, and produce your package based on your chip-to-package co-design requirements.


Our package engineers have experience in all lead frames and laminate-based, BGA to surface mount packages, smart card modules, and in-lays and flex circuits, as well as wafer-level packaging and bumping options for WLCSP optimal soldering.

We are also able to define, route and optimize the stack up substrate and lead frame form factor through simulation.

We do provide seamless integration of our package co-design tools with multi-physics parameters extraction such as radiofrequency and antenna performances, thermal dissipation, and signal and power integrity.


In a nutshell, based on our interface libraries and custom design expertise, we have the capability to propose the suitable substrate stack up, lead frame shape and building materials, as well as to perform multilayer and chiplets routing optimizing your final package electrical, thermal performances and reliability.


More often than not, packaging and System in a Package (SIP) requires a full custom package development to fit the application form factor constraint or operating condition from ultra-high voltage/current, optical spectrum and to environmental conditions.


We can create, integrate heterogeneous materials inside the package and qualify this extremely custom package solution and form factors for specific end market application requests from Industrial to Automotive Grade and Medical Class, and even Aerospace QML.


As illustration we have proven experience in sensor integration with ASIC in different field of application:
- Hall Sensor
- GMR Sensor
- Optical NIR Sensor
- SPD/APD/Sensor & CMOS Image Sensors
- MEMS Piezo & Pressure Sensors

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Our “one-roof” partnerships with major OSAT’s allow us to offer a wide portfolio of packaging solutions at a competitive cost, mid-to-large capacity, and with a high level of quality.

We maintain an internal database of more than 850 packages (standard and semi-customs). We operate a proprietary reference/maturity management system that allows you to drive multiple combinations of silicon, software stack (ROM code, secure boot), package, personalization (OS, keys), test flows and finishing―and ultimately automatically create your own product references and catalog.

A proven Development Proprietary Process


Presto Advanced Packaging Design is supported by our SQuP (Service Quality Planning) proprietary process and OCEAN integrated web-based platform, making your project more predictable and reducing risk during development and ramp phases while providing both transparency and traceability.

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