ASIC Design for Industrial Applications

We have been designing and producing ASICs for more than 35 years, always ensuring that our customers get innovative and high-quality designs that stand out. This extensive experience enables us to quickly deploy ASIC Design in many application fields for the high-demanding industrial markets.


ASIC design for industry


Industrial challenges answered by ASIC Design


ASIC design is at the heart of the 4th revolution of the industrial market so called industry 4.0. ASICs are a strong catalyst of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), facilitating smart tracking and data logging, automation,  production machinery, surveillance, smart buildings, preventive maintenance in transport and cold-chain logistics.

Building and Infrastructure Automation
Security, Surveillance and Safety
Production Infrastructure
Logistics and transport
ASIC building & infrastructure

Smart cities aim at improving urban infrastructure efficiency and the life quality for all: inhabitants, visitors, workers and companies. Detecting pollution peaks, smart lighting, intelligent transport systems, smart power grids... they are all deep challenges that are addressed by IoT.


Thanks to cameras and light sensors, smart and connected devices literally observe their environment and monitor the dynamics. This enables them to carry out a wide range of decisional information and automated tasks that are key for ITS: from the smart management of traffic congestions at streetlights to economically and environmentally responsible lighting management in smart buildings, homes, and neighborhoods.


As part of our expertise, we have developed a low-power, low-resolution image sensor ASIC. It is a smart self-contained multi-sensor chip enabling key functionalities for integrated IoT applications where guaranteed low-resolution images are required e.g., for privacy reasons.

ASIC design security surveillance safety

With the emergence of industry 4.0, today’s manufacturing networks are operating with an increased risk of cyber threats, and need to be robustly protected. On the other side, the deployment of automation, cobots, and specific autonomous manufacturing tasks increase the risk of accident, and safety is a pillar of autonomous manufacturing.
The same is true on a smart city level. Business districts and neighborhoods are made safer and thus more attractive and accessible with surveillance that respects peoples’ privacy by using low-resolution image detection without the option for facial recognition. Safety considerations will in the future also have to include adverse weather events caused by climate change, requiring detection and smart processing of water levels and other parameters, as well as the need for autonomous transportation to connect to the network infrastructure.


As part of our expertise, we have developed an LVDS IP for fast IO communication to read out a fingerprint sensor, analyze the fingerprint, and calculate a fingerprint signature.

ASIC design prodcution

Production Infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex. At the same time, with just-in-time production and varying supply chain demands, there is no leeway for extended downtimes. The solution is predictive maintenance: weak points in production lines can be identified in real-time well before actual failure, and maintenance can be scheduled intelligently to avoid particularly busy or otherwise critical periods.


Presto's analog front-end for optoelectronics coupled with an environmental sensor interface is directing playing into cobots in the factory for automation (automatic vision), process control (analog measurements), and preventive maintenance.

ASIC design logistic and transport

Logistics and the supply chain is one of the industries with the highest potential for efficient NFC and RFID deployment. This is also the industry with the most pressing need for these technologies, taking into account the globalized nature of our supply chains. Devices and smart tags can be used for asset tracking and localization, locally in the factory as well as during road, rail, maritime and airborne transport.


Presto's combo RFID/NFC/UHF IP platform named “Thor” is used for transportation and logistics (e.g. traceability, temperature control, and localization). 

Our in-depth expertise in ASIC development for Industrial Applications

Our experience in ASIC development for industrial applications is extensive and includes a wide range of projects that have helped our clients to achieve new levels of performance, reliability, and efficiency. We are committed to delivering solutions that meet the most stringent requirements for accuracy, speed, and low power consumption, while also ensuring regulatory compliance and ease of integration with other industrial devices and systems.



Sensors Optics

Our specialization in Sensor Optics provide the ability to capture and process high-quality images and visual data.


Radio Frequency

We enable wireless communication and data transfer between devices through the protocol of your choice.



Successfully managing risk and complexity can make the difference between success and failure.


Low Power

We enable the creation of low-power, high-performance devices that meet the demands of today's mobile and connected world.

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ASIC technology is opening new possibilities for IoT and Industry 4.0


Smart sensors and ASIC technology are the cornerstone of Industry 4.0. From gathering data to industrial safety, there is a range of situations where Presto Engineering can design an ASICs that could be a game changer for your business.


Applications for ASICs in Industry

  1. Building and infrastructure automation: Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), smart city, smart power grid (energy harvesting), smart lighting and HVAC control, pollution and environmental sensing

  2. Production infrastructure: factory automation and control, remote predictive maintenance, smart agriculture, factory safety 

  3. Security, surveillance and safety: access control and identification, safety, video surveillance

  4. Logistics and transport: asset tracking and localization, rail, maritime and airborn conveyance, retail inventory and payment management

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