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Single chip 915 MHz transceiver for toll road tag applications

Development of an 915MHz  toll road identification and payment device for use in North America. 


During this project, we studied a fully integrated communication and payment processing chip to be used for 915MHz compliant toll road payment systems in North America.


The chip includes a 915MHz AM receiver as well as a RF-DAC based transmitter with high linearity output power control. The device includes internal matching network to allow for seamless integration with external antenna. Also included is a Brown Out detector and power down control to optimize battery life. 

Application areas :

Application areas include toll road systems motorways, bridges, urban areas, ferries etc.


Top technical features:

  • Based on 915MHz communication.

  • Battery operated in range 3.6 – 1.8 V

  • Ultra low power sleep current consumption ( < 5uA )

  • High input power dynamic range -23dBm to +10dBm.  

  • Sensitivity control 0.1 dBc

  • Highly linearly RF-DAC based transmitter with output power control in the range -10dBm to 1 dBm. 



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