Semiconductor Services


Presto Engineering provides a full range of semiconductor services that cover all aspects of test, qualification, and ramp through volume production.


A Proven Test Development Flow

With 5 complete state-of-the-art test floors and internal reliability and failure analysis labs—representing more than 50M€ of equipment investment—Presto provides a full range of semiconductor services that cover all aspects of test, qualification, and ramp through volume production. Our experts have deep expertise in digital, analog, mixed-signal, RF, and millimeter-wave applications. Presto has earned a long, successful track record of qualifying new devices, including for the highly demanding automotive market.

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Your Trusted Partner for all your Advanced Packaging Requirements

Our package engineers and experts will design the best package for your project, based on your chip-to-package co-design framework. Our partnerships with industry-leading EDA and OSAT companies provide a wide portfolio of solutions to select, design, qualify, and produce your package based on your chip-to-package co-design requirements at a competitive cost, from mid-to-large capacity, and with a high level of quality.

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A strong experience in producing semiconductors, rooted in long semiconductors history

Presto’s semiconductor services also include volume production after a comprehensive industrialization process. Built over decades of experience producing and shipping 1 billion of semiconductor units, Presto operates a global, flexible, and dedicated supply chain system, supported by Two Asian production footprints, one Hong-Kong-based logistics center and integrated local teams of experts. With this infrastructure in place, Presto can ramp products locally, safely, and securely in Europe and move manufacturing to Asia when volume warrants it.

A proven Development Proprietary Process

Presto Engineering has developed a post-design development methodology known as SQuP (for Service Quality Planning), initially based on IATF’s Advanced Product Quality Planning.

SQuP allows our teams to:

  • strongly align with our customers’ teams and predictably go through maturity phases during development,
  • execute a clear, explicit, documented, and traceable release into production and,
  • follow the appropriate transition from ramp/safe launch into high-volume manufacturing.

SQuP is organized into five distinct phases. Each step involves a formal exit (gate) with an associated set of agreed-upon criteria and documentation.

The entire SQuP process is supported and executed within our OCEAN web-based, proprietary platform.


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Customer Success

Nokia is continually investing in the research and development of cutting-edge technologies to push back the performance limits of telecoms infrastructures. Thanks to the DIMIT project, supported by the French Public Bank of Investment (BPI), and our collaboration with Presto, we can accelerate our roadmap and accompany the evolution of 5G networks towards 5G+ and 6G. This project will enable greater integration, higher performance and lower energy consumption of new microwave equipment

Pierre-Gaël Chantereau, President Nokia France

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