UrCHIP toolboxes for fast ASIC project proof of concept


With Presto Engineering’s UrCHIP toolboxes, easily validate your business case ideas and accelerate the start of your project before moving onwards to design and development phases.

UrCHIP toolboxes


Thor toolbox

NFC wireless bridge, optionally combined with UHF


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Heimdall toolbox

Low image resolution processing with rapid
interpretation and low power

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THOR toolbox

The THOR toolbox functionalities consist of a high precision NFC IP, which can be optionally combined with UHF for multipurpose wireless tag data transfer and secured identification. THOR is compatible with multiple protocols, allowing to measure and store data for various IoT applications. As a toolbox, THOR brings you the opportunity to validate at early stage your assumptions and high-level design. It can also be quickly deployed for product demonstrations, giving you another competitive advantage by accelerating the start of your project.


Contact us  to test how the THOR toolbox fits with your application.


THOR toolbox possibilities

Using a high precision temperature sensor, the THOR toolbox measures with +/- 0.1 °C accuracy within a well-defined temperature area. Measurements of environmental data such as mechanical shock, acceleration, pressure, humidity, luminance, and temperature can also originate from an external differential analog input port, or from the digital SPI master sensor interface.


A large embedded EEPROM memory storage (32 K bytes), a configurable time interval for data storage, and AES/DES hardware encryption ensure both flexibility in data handling along with data privacy and security access. Thor can be used in a broad range of application domains, including the high-demanding Industrial and Medical Markets.


Thor application domains



Building and Infrastructure Automation

  • Intelligent Transport Systems


Production infrastructure

  • Factory Automation and control
  • Remote Predictive maintenance
  • Smart Agriculture

Security, surveillance and safety

  • access control and identification
  • Safety (alarms, gas detection, fire and temperature control)
  • Video Surveillance

Logistics and Transport

  • asset tracking (Smart tags) and localization,
  • rail, maritime and airborne conveyance
  • inventory and payment management (retail)


Diagnostic and patient monitoring

  • In Vitro diagnostics (such as fluorescence or others)
  • Point of care molecular diagnostics

Medical Wearable Devices

  • Medical sensor patches
  • Wearable patient monitoring
  • Vital signs Control
  • Consumable/injectable or treatment

The RFID toolbox THOR has a resolution we have not been able to find elsewhere in the market.

We have compared different solutions for intelligent tags and found Presto’s solution to be easy to work with. We have even been able to change the firmware ourselves.

Eric Casavant, CTO at Flexstr8

Heimdall toolbox

The Heimdall toolbox functionalities consists of a low image resolution processing designed to offer rapid interpretation of images. Heimdall is suitable for multiple applications such as the detection of objects and intelligent motion interpretation. ASIC designs based on the Heimdall toolbox have already been used across a range of industrial and IoT applications for motion and luminance detection, object tracking, and data communication via RF links.


Contact us to test how the Heimdall toolbox fits with your application.

Heimdall possibilities

The Heimdall toolbox solution uses a low image resolution of 64×64 pixels, bundled with a core image signal processing to achieve a high-level classification of image content. The low number of pixels coupled with the optimized image signal processor results in short time and low power consumption. Using a silicon area of just 9mm2 for the RAM and image sensor, Heimdall is ideal for small IoT applications.


Moreover, Heimdall can be combined with our energy-harvesting technology to create a single autonomous ASIC platform design that can capture, analyze, and re-act autonomously, while scavenging and harvesting its own energy from the environment. With no battery needed, it is the perfect fit and trade-off for motion and occupancy detection without any risk of privacy violations carried by sophisticated computing vision solutions.

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Heimdall application domains

Building and Infrastructure Automation

  • Occupancy and people Counting
  • Smart Lighting
  • Factory access control and automatic doors
  • Highway & traffic surveillance/vehicle counting

Production infrastructure

  • Smart Agriculture including pesticide detection (NIR) levels
  • Food and material quality inspection and sorting automation

Security, surveillance and safety

  • Factory line Smart Safety (Safety alarms)
  • Complement to Video Surveillance and intrusion detection
  • Eyewear protection

Test & Measurement

  • Chemical Analytical composition
  • Material inspection
  • High Dynamic Intrusion
  • High dynamic global shutter optics