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Technical case: EPC-Gen2 compatible RFID chip for IOT applications.

EPC Gen2 UHF interface for IOT systems

It is an EPC Gen2 compatible implementation of a RFID transponder chip.

It can be integrated with a suitable PCB or folio-based antenna for realization of RFID tag labels / PCBs.

It has support for external battery to supply IO communication and digital logic for maximum reading distance. Beyond the mandatory features it supports handling of multiple files – including external files via SPI interface. A SPI slave interface allows external controllers to write to internal nonvolatile memory for storage of data which can afterwards be read via the RFID interface. The SPI slave interface also supports fast test, calibration, and configuration of EPC data at chip level during ATE testing.


Application area:

  • Logistics with monitoring needs, e.g. temperature or humidity
  • IOT applications for production monitoring
  • IOT applications for environmental monitoring


EPC-Gen2 compatible RFID


Top technical features:

• 860 - 960 MHz ISO 18000-63
• EPC Gen2 mandatory features
• File support for external files via SPI
• SPI master interface
• SPI slave interface
• Battery supply for external communication and extended reading distance.
• SPI interface for support of ATE test, calibration and configuration.
• 250um pad pitch for support for low cost bumping technology


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